Join us on a trip to Los Cedros, Nicaragua.

You will be so glad you did.

You are invited!

When we are not in the midst of a global pandemic, we partner with a Seattle-area church to conduct at least two short-term trips to Los Cedros every year, one in February for the beginning of the Nicaraguan school year, and one in early December to celebrate graduation and the end of the school year.  

All of these trips are suitable for families and people of all ages.  Each one is nine or 10 days, spanning two weekends and the work week in between.  The majority of daytime hours are spent at Colegio Cristiano Havila interacting with the students and staff.  

If you are a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to meet your student and get to know him or her over a period of several days.  It is possible that you might also get to meet his or her parents or guardians.

The annual February trip is to meet and encourage the students and staff at the beginning of the new school year and to collect information and photos about them to be shared with their sponsors.

The annual December trip is to honor and celebrate with students who have completed each of Nicaragua’s major educational milestones:  preschool, sixth grade, and, for the first time in 2020, high school.

All trips are a lot of fun, and most team members find them to be powerful, life‑changing experiences.

Our teams will meet together and prepare for each trip in the Seattle area, and we depart from and return to Seattle.  However, experienced travelers to Latin nations may be allowed to join us en route or meet the team in Nicaragua.

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Photos from recent trips